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Super 1 Foods | Posted Monday, November 11, 2013 at 09:51PM

National Fruitcake Month

You either love them or hate them. December is National Fruitcake Month. It’s unknown why the Christmas season is the season of gifting fruitcake, but every year around Christmas mailboxes are filled with these dense cakes.

Fruitcakes have been around for many centuries originating in Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians would place fruitcakes in the tombs of loved ones as food for the afterlife. Later Romans used the fruitcake as an energy bar by mashing together barley, nuts and pomegranate seeds. Roman soldiers often took these cakes out to the battlefields. As time has progressed there have been additions to the fruitcake. Candied fruit is now used in the place of dried fruit and fruitcakes are often soaked in alcohol.

You may be curious how these cakes have such a long shelf life. Soaking fruitcake in alcohol dramatically extends its shelf life.  Another factor that keeps fruitcake good for years is the high sugar content. The high density of sugar reduces the cake’s water content making it more difficult for bacteria to grow.

The key to a successful fruitcake is for it to be both moist and have a variety of flavor. Celebrate National Fruitcake Month by putting your very own twist to a homemade fruitcake.

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