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Kids: Volunteering

Super 1 Foods | Posted Monday, November 18, 2013 at 01:38PM

Kids: Volunteering

Children of all ages can participate in volunteering. Volunteering teaches your children life lessons as well as raises your child’s self-esteem. When your children actively volunteer they learn a variety of skills and life lessons. Your children will learn the importance of responsibly, punctuality, cooperation, problem solving and team work. When children feel they contributed to the community they are more likely to contribute to the community in positive ways in the future.

When looking for a place for your children to volunteer look at your child’s abilities and interest. Do they love animals, the environments or have a musical talent? Looking at your child interest and skills will make choosing a volunteer opportunity that your children will love easy. Don’t forget to consider your passions and skills. Pick an opportunity that not only your child will love, but you will love too. When your children see you’re passionate about an organization or an activity they will be more likely to be passionate about it too. Here are some volunteer ideas you and your children can do this Christmas season.

  • Help a soup kitchen prepare and deliver Christmas meals
  • Volunteer at the food bank
  • Get an angel from the angel tree
  • Have your children pick out toys to give to a toy drive
  • Deliver handmade Christmas cards to the elderly in nursing homes
  • Play a musical instrument or sing Christmas carols at a nursing home
  • Ring the bell for the Salvation Army
  • Donate winter coats, gloves and hats
  • Donate dog and cat food to a local animal shelters
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