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Pets: Gifts

Super 1 Foods | Posted Monday, November 18, 2013 at 01:47PM

Pet Gifts

Everyone enjoys receiving gifts around the holiday season especially our pets. More than half of pet owners spoil their pets with gifts on Christmas Day. Here are a few gift ideas to stuff into your pet’s stocking or wrap and place under the tree.

Both cats and dogs love new toys they can chew on and chase around the house. Cats love anything that makes noise like balls with bells or toys you can hang on a door knob that jingle. Another toy your cat will enjoy chasing is a laser pointer. Just move the red dot around the floor or wall and watch your cat jump and leap trying to catch the laser. Other toys to get your cat are feather toys, toys stuffed with catnip, a cat tree and a cat playhouse.

Your dog will want a toy it can sink its teeth into. Pick up a squeaky chew toy or a bone for your dog to chew on Christmas day. Another great toy that will keep your dog entertained is a tennis ball. Throw the tennis ball and let your dog retrieve it. This will keep your dog happy and fit.

Collars and ID tags are practical gifts to get your pets this Christmas. If your pet ever gets lost they are more likely to be returned if they have an ID tag. Just put their name, your telephone number and your vet’s telephone number on the tag.

With the cold winter months upon us get your dog a winter coat to keep them warm. A raincoat for you dog is another great gift to keep your dog dry when they have to go outdoors.

We all love crawling into a bed with fresh, clean sheets. So do our pets. Get your pet a new bed or pillow for them to curl up on for a nap.

This Christmas don’t forget to let your pet in on all the fun of receiving gifts!

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