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pets: a new baby

Super 1 Foods | Posted Thursday, June 26, 2014 at 09:59AM

A New BabyA new baby is on the way and a lot of changes are taking place. You have alerted your entire family all the way to your fourth cousin on the exciting new addition. The entire house has been baby-proofed to the point you question your intelligence because you can’t even open the cabinet doors. That dull guest room has been transformed into a beautiful, magical nursery. You know your house is ready for a new baby, but are your pets?

If your pet has been the center of attention over the past few years, sibling rivalry can occur between your pet and the new baby. The changes that accompany the new tiny family member may make your pet misbehave. If your pet is attached to the mother-to-be, you may want to slowly have another family member focus more attention on the pet while the mother-to-be slowly shows a little less attention.

Once all the furniture is set up in the nursery, let your pet come in and explore. If you fear that your cat may make the crib his very own bed, place strips of sticky tape in the crib. After your cat jumps in there a few times, it will no longer want in the crib. You can do this on other pieces of furniture in your nursery.

New sounds of the baby, like crying or the noise of the swing, may upset your pet. Slowly start introducing baby sounds, like a recording of a baby crying and laughing. Other noises that could upset your pet are the baby’s toys. Many baby toys play music and make noises. Play with these toys around the pet to get them used to the sounds. Getting your pet used to the sounds of a baby and everything that accompanies a baby will help your pet have a smooth adjustment to the new family dynamics. 

Get your pets used to the smell of the baby before it’s born by putting a little baby oil or baby powder on your hands before interacting with them. After the baby is born and is still in the hospital, get the baby’s scent on a soft toy. Bring the toy home to your pet and let the pet sniff the toy to get used to the baby’s scent.

This is an exciting time in your life, and it will be fun to see how the baby and your pets interact. Remember, your pet was there before the baby; make sure you show them a little attention when you get home from the hospital.

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