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| Posted Thursday, December 4, 2014 at 03:39PM

Holiday DinnerAre you hosting a holiday dinner party? Here are some nutritious tips to help have a healthy, happy holiday.

Creamy dips and decadent, prepared starters (think bacon-wrapped scallops, which can score as low as 16 on the NuVal Scale) can be some of the biggest culprits on the appetizer menu. Substituting plain, non-fat Greek yogurt (NuVal Score 93) for ingredients such as sour cream (NuVal Score 26) or mayonnaise (NuVal Score 8) in recipes can lighten the calorie load while adding filling protein.

Main Course
The best way to cut the fat content in the main dish is to opt for baking a light, white fish such as tilapia (NuVal Score 88) or chicken breast (NuVal Score 57), or by choosing a lean cut of meat such as top round (NuVal Score 46). If you are preparing a vegetarian option, portobello mushrooms (NuVal Score 100) or eggplant (NuVal Score 100) are both great nutritious options.

Side Dishes
Piling your plate with side dishes can mean disaster for your waistline if you aren’t careful. Traditional items such as stuffing can be made nutritious with wild rice instead of bread and add-ins such as onions and fresh cranberries to provide a wonderful taste or slight sweetness.

Everyone loves decorating gingerbread and sugar cookies around the holidays, and we all know there is never a shortage of sweets at parties. To cut cholesterol levels, use two egg whites to every whole egg in baking recipes, and replace heavy cream (NuVal Score 4) with fat-free evaporated milk (NuVal Score 99) in creamy pies and cheesecakes.

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