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kids: creative valentines

Super 1 Foods | Posted Friday, January 23, 2015 at 03:10PM

Creative Valentines

Making homemade valentines will allow your children to express their creativity while having fun. Here are a few examples of valentines your children can make to go along with cute Valentine’s Day sayings. Brainstorm with your children about other valentine card ideas that they can make for their friends.

Suckers or Lollipops

  • Cut out a flower from construction paper. Cut a tiny hole in the center of the flower and then insert a sucker into the center of the flower.
  • With red and black paper, draw lips and mustaches and cut them out. Cut a small hole into center of lips or mustache and insert a sucker into the hole. When your children are eating their candy, it will appear that they have big lips or a mustache.

Pen or Pencil

  • Give a pen or pencil with the saying, “You’re all write” or “You’re write for me.”


  • Make an owl valentine or use owl stamps to decorate a card and use one of these sayings: “Guess whoooo likes you,” “Owl always like you,” “Owl always be your friend,” or “You’re a hoot.”


  • Make a rocket out of a long circular candy package like Lifesavers. Add a Hershey kiss to the front of the candy and flames to the back of the candy and use the saying “You’re a blast!”


  • Give a cool new ruler to your kid’s friends and use the saying “You rule!”
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