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Super 1 Foods | Posted Friday, February 13, 2015 at 09:07AM

Eating Well On-the-GoEating healthy when you’re on the run can be a challenge. Shopping for Health, a 2014 report published for Food Marketing Institute by Prevention Magazine, says 2 in 3 shoppers agree food affects health, but it’s tough with an on-the-go lifestyle. The study revealed that the top three strategies consumers use to eat healthier include:

  1. consuming fewer unhealthy foods
  2. preparing more healthy dishes
  3. eating out less often

No matter “where” you eat – whether it’s in the car, at the office or stuck at the airport – you can easily change “what” you eat. NuVal scores, which rank foods from 1 to 100, help you select better-for-you foods – the higher the score, the better the nutrition. Here are 3 tips:

Commuter’s plan. Store healthy, non-perishable snacks in computer bags, purses or cars. Portable possibilities are apples, whole-grain crackers with a spread of almond butter and whole-grain cereal with raw nuts and seeds. Add bottled water.

Desktop dining. For desktop dining, pack high-nutrition meals. Roll a whole-grain pita around vegetables and lean protein meat or poultry. Mix chunks of fresh fruit with low-fat yogurt. Dunk raw vegetables into non-fat dressing or Greek yogurt. For mid-afternoon snacks, munch on 1 cup of air-popped popcorn, or 1 cup of whole-grain cereal mixed with a tablespoon of raw nuts and seeds for a protein punch.

Salad bar basics: Most grocery stores offer salad bars. Handcraft several different small salads right in store for dinners or take-to-work meals. Avoid mayonnaise-based items and high-fat toppings. Consider high-fiber red, black and white beans as one protein choice.

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