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kids: it’s all about painting!

Super 1 Foods | Posted Friday, February 20, 2015 at 01:12PM

Finger PaintingToddlers love to be creative — it’s what they do best! Painting adds a dash of color, some interesting textures and impressive results; who could ask for more? Here are some fun ways to make painting fun and interesting (with minimal work for adults):

  • Trace your toddler’s feet and hands onto a sheet of paper and let him paint them silly colors.
  • Use shaving cream or whipped topping as fingerpaint on a countertop or on the mirror. It’s easy cleanup! It’s even easier if you paint in the bathtub!
  • Spread a layer of newspapers on the table or floor, and then put a large sheet of poster paper down. Give your toddler a bunch of fun alternatives to standard paintbrushes: sponges, feathers, old toothbrushes, pieces of cereal or macaroni, combs, Q-tips, a potato masher, apple slices cut into shapes, celery sticks, cotton balls and more.
  • Get out a pack of refrigerated pudding and your toddler can decorate, and you won’t have to worry if they accidentally eat some!
  • Place a blob of paint in the center of a sheet of paper. Drive a (washable) toy car through the puddle and watch how the wheels leave tracks on the page.
  • Get a larger paintbrush (the type used for painting trim in a room) and a glass of water. Let your toddler “paint” the sidewalk with water. There’s hardly any mess, and the artwork evaporates so you can start all over again!
  • Put a piece of paper in a baking pan with a lid. Add paint and a small ball. Put the top on and shake. The ball makes random patterns on the paper.
  • Put a small dab of paint on a piece of paper. Fold it in half to get mirrored patterns.
  • Learn about stenciling. Cut out a simple shape (like a circle) and put it on a piece of paper. Paint over it all, and then lift off the shape for an interesting effect.
  • Remember that this is an activity to do together. Grab a paintbrush and share in the fun!
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