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health and wellness: national frozen food month

Super 1 Foods | Posted Thursday, March 5, 2015 at 07:00AM

Brookshire's Frozen Mixed Vegetables

President Ronald Reagan proclaimed “Frozen Food Day” on March 6, 1984. For more than 30 years, March has been declared National Frozen Food Month. Frozen fruits and vegetables are convenient, nutritious and economical. Frozen fruits and vegetables are cleaned, diced and chopped, making dinner a little bit quicker and easier to prepare. Per edible ounce, frozen produce usually costs less than fresh produce and has a longer storage time. Just because you are paying less does not mean you’re getting a less nutritious product. Frozen fruits and vegetables, as long as nothing has been added like sugar or sauces, can be just as nutritious as fresh. Fruits and vegetables designed to be frozen are picked at their peak of nutrition and flavor then frozen within hours, resulting in no chemical preservatives.

When purchasing frozen foods, make the frozen department your last stop on your shopping trip. Buy frozen foods with ice-free, undamaged packages. Pack your frozen food together to keep them cold and head straight home after leaving the grocery store. When storing frozen foods, make sure your freezer is 0° F or lower and use the “first in, first out” method. Most frozen fruits and vegetables can be stored in the freezer 8 to 12 months.

Frozen fruits and vegetables have a great value. They are always in season, save time and money, and they are as nutritious as fresh. This month, stock your freezer with go-to fruits and vegetables that can help you complete your meal.

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