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shop. save. smile.: NuVal: the food choice stress-buster

Super 1 Foods | Posted Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 07:26AM

NuValToday’s health and wellness messages to “take control” and “get fit” are clear, but taking action is stressful. Conflicting diet information and food labels add to the confusion.

Super 1 Foods offers an in-store solution, simplifying food choices and teaching nutrition right at the point of purchase. The NuVal Nutritional Scoring System is approved by the American Medical Association and works with the USDA’s program. Based on the best food science, NuVal scores comprehensively rank food for its total nutritional value. Easy to use, it takes the stress out of food choices with four easy steps:

  1. Find it. NuVal scores are displayed directly on shelf price tags so shoppers can compare overall nutrition the same way they compare prices.
  2. Score it. NuVal’s 1 to 100 scoring range makes it easier than ever to shop for better foods and beverages: the higher the score, the better the nutrition.
  3. Compare it. Compare nutrition like prices. No more staring at food labels.
  4. Bag it. Make the best food choices to meet your lifestyle and budget.
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