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pets: back to school

Super 1 Foods | Posted Thursday, July 30, 2015 at 04:19AM

Back to School with PetsDuring the summer, pets tend to get a little more attention from the kids. Once school starts, mornings are rushed, your kids are gone all day and homework is the after-school priority. With kids in school, pets can miss the extra attention they received in the summer months.

To help your pet’s transition, gradually begin changing up your pet’s schedule about a week before school begins. Start by feeding your pet in the morning to simulate a normal morning that the kids would go to school. Leave home around the time you would for school for about 30 minutes to get your pet used to being alone. Shift your pet’s play time to the afternoon, around the time your kids would arrive home from school, to get your pet used to this new schedule.

Talk to your kids about establishing a new routine with your pets and the importance of spending time with them when they get home from school. Before starting after-school activities, encourage your kids to feed their pets and spend some time playing with them. Kids can also read their homework to their pets to spend more time with them.

Make the transition into the school year not only easy for your kids but your pets, too.

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