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pets: holiday food

Super 1 Foods | Posted Friday, October 30, 2015 at 06:12AM

Pets and Holiday FoodWhile you may be tempted to dish up a serving of your Thanksgiving meal for your pet, you should not share your food with them. When pets eat human food, they can develop an upset stomach, diarrhea and even pancreatitis.

If you must sneak your dog a little turkey, make sure it’s cooked, boneless and skinless. We often think giving our dog a turkey bone is a treat, but it can actually be dangerous. Bones from the turkey can break and splinter, causing blockage and perforation of the intestinal tract.

Keep raw products, like meat and dough, out of your pet’s reach. If your pet ingests raw bread dough, the dough can rise in the stomach, causing bloating, abdominal pain and vomiting.

Avoid giving your dog or cat any stuffing. Stuffing includes ingredients like sage, onions and raisins that can be toxic to your pet. Ingesting too much sage could cause gastrointestinal upset and central nervous system depression in your pet.

To avoid any temptation of feeding your pet Thanksgiving food, keep your pet in another room while preparing and eating your meal.

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