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shop. save. smile.: take leftovers beyond a sandwich

Super 1 Foods | Posted Thursday, November 12, 2015 at 07:01AM

Take Leftovers Beyond a SandwichAfter spending hours roasting your turkey to perfection, it (and you) deserves more than a sandwich the day after. With a little creative pre-shopping and stocking of refrigerators and cupboards, you can take your day-two turkey from boring to amazing – and nutritious.

Enjoying delicious meals doesn’t have to mean blowing the bank on calories. Simple, fresh ingredients that are full of nutrition and flavor can take leftover turkey to a different level.

  • Spice it: Pair reheated turkey with baked spiced apples. Core and slice fresh apples (NuVal 100), and combine with raisins (NuVal 88), chopped pecans (NuVal 71), cinnamon and lemon. Roast for 30 minutes at 375° F. No need to add sugar. The apples provide all the sweetness you need.
  • Wrap it: For a lighter take on the traditional leftover turkey sandwich, chop cold turkey in small pieces and layer with raw vegetables, avocado (NuVal 88), mustard, romaine lettuce (NuVal 100), tomatoes (NuVal 100), sliced red or green bell peppers (NuVal 100), shredded carrots (NuVal 100) and cucumbers (NuVal 100) in a tortilla wrap.
  • Curry it: Need a quick 30-minute, post-Thanksgiving meal that is both savory and sweet? NuVal’s pick is Curried Turkey with Raisins and Mushrooms. The recipe works really well with leftover turkey, and it’s simple to make. The meal combines protein-rich turkey with the earthy flavors of mushrooms and the sweet, spicy tones of raisins and curry.
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