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September 26, 2015
Louisiana Tech Tailgate – Three partners volunteered for 20 hours cooking and serving game participates before the game.

September 25, 2015
ExtraPoint Check Presentation – During the halftime activities of Ruston High School, partners presented the school with a $1,000 check. Partners volunteered for four hours.

September 18, 2015
Ruston High School Tailgate – Two partners volunteered for five hours to cook and serve game participants before the game.

September 17, 2015
LHSAA – One partner volunteered to work the concession for five hours.

September 14, 2015
Board Meeting – Store Director Chris Turner volunteered for two hours to attend a board meeting for holiday fundraising.

September 12, 2015
Grambling State University Tailgate – Five partners volunteered to cook and serve at the tailgate party for 20 hours.

September 11, 2015
Ruston High Tailgate – Store Director Chris Turner volunteered to cook and serve at the tailgate party before the game for four hours.

September 5, 2015
Louisiana Tech Football Tailgate – Three partners volunteered to cook and serve for 19 hours during tailgate party.

September 4, 2015
Holiday Fundraising – Store Director Chris Turner spent two hours at the Board Meeting for the Holiday Fundraising.

August 31, 2015
Bags of Hope – Two partners volunteered for four hours to pack backpacks for the month that will be sent home with school children.

August 31, 2015
Rotary Meetings – Store Director Chris Turner meets with the Rotary Club each week for an hour.

August 22, 2015
Louisiana Tech Tailgate – Four partners volunteered for 15 hours to cook and serve at the tailgate party before the game.

August 19, 2015
AE Parents Night At School – Store Director Chris Turner cooked for three hours during parent’s night at AE School.

August 13, 2015
Cedar Creek Back to School Bash – Store Director Chris Turner cooked and served for Cedar Creek teachers at the annual Back To School Bash for three hours.

August 4, 2015
United Way Fundraising Meeting – Store Director Chris Turner attended the United Way Fundraising Meeting for three hours.

June 27, 2015
Ruston Peach Festival – Fourteen partners volunteered for 62 hours building an oven to cook the world’s largest peach cobbler.

July 25 – 26, 2014
Dixie Theater – Three partners volunteered for 10 hours assisting others cleaning the Dixie Theater.

August 23, 2014
Rotary Fundraiser – One partner volunteered for two hours assisting the Rotary Club with their annual fundraiser.

August 16, 2014
Fan Day – Four partners volunteered to cook and serve for 18 hours on Fan Day at Louisiana Tech football game.

August 7, 2014
RHS New Tech Teachers – Partners volunteered for three hours cooking and serving hamburgers to teachers and parents.

September 28, 2014
Lincoln Park Fundraiser – Three partners cooked and served hamburgers to participants of the park fundraiser for 12 hours.

September 28, 2014
Bags of Hope – Four partners volunteered for 12 hours sorting food and filling backpacks for students to take home over the weekend.

August 26, 2014
Alzheimer’s Fundraiser Golf Tournament – One partner cooked and served participants of the annual golf tournament for nine hours. All proceeds benefited the Alzheimer’s Organization.

August 20, 2014
Louisiana Tech Tailgate – Nine partners volunteered to cook and serve participants of the football game for 52 hours.

August 18, 2014
LHSAA Tailgate – One partner volunteered for seven hours assisting the Louisiana High School Athletic Association with their tailgate event.

August 10, 17, 24, 2014
Bearcat Football – One partner volunteered to cook and serve the football players each week before the game.

August 9, 2014
IA Lewis Teacher – A partner cooked and served burgers and hot dogs for three hours to teachers.

August 8, 2014
Dixie Board – Store Director Chris Turner is on the Dixie Board meeting that meets monthly.

June 15, 2014
Bags of Hope – During the year partners volunteered for 76 hours packing and delivering backpacks and reading to students at local elementary schools.

May 26, 2014
Glenview Teacher Parent Lunch – Three partners volunteered for 12 hours to assist cooking and serving for the Teacher Parent Lunch that is held each year.

May 12, 2014
Sons of Guns – Five partners volunteered for 40 hours to assist with “Will’s Birthday Bash” for Ruston Police Department.

May 10, 2014
Rotary Fish Fry – A partner volunteered to help cook and serve for eight hours.

May 1, 2014
Teacher Appreciation – Two partners volunteered at the Pre-K school to serve teachers for five hours.

April 30, 2014
Teacher Appreciation – Two partners volunteered to help serve teachers at Hico.

April 25, 2014
Ruston Fundraiser – Three partners volunteered to cook for the Ruston High School football fundraiser for 17 hours.

April 12, 2014
Louisiana Tech Tailgate – Four partners volunteered to help cook and serve during the Louisiana Tech Spring game.

April 4, 2014
Dinner and Movie Fundraiser – Ten partners volunteered to assist with this fundraiser with all proceeds benefiting the backpack program for local schools.

March 22, 2014
Grambling Tailgate – Five partners volunteered to cook and serve for the Student Day Spring Game for 30 hours.

February 10, 2014
Grambling State University – Two partners volunteered to assist the Boys and Girls Club with a tour of Grambling State for three hours.

February 4, 2014
Pre-K – Partners volunteered for two hours assisting a local Pre-K program with decorating cakes for Valentines Day.

February 1, 2014
JR Softball – Two partners volunteered to help cook and serve for nine hours for a fundraiser for JR Softball.

January 14, 2014
Louisiana Tech Basketball Lunch – Three partners volunteered to cook and serve lunch to the Louisiana Tech Basketball Team for five hours.

January 7, 2014
Ruston Kiwanis Club – Store Director Chris Turner spoke to the local Kiwanis Club about volunteering in the community.

January 15, 2013
Bags of Hope – Partners assisted putting food into backpacks for children to take home with them on the weekends.

December 28, 2012
Indy Bowl – Partners tailgated in the parking lot. They cooked and served to the fans that arrived early to the game.

December 20, 2012
Ham Dinner Giveaway – Ten partners volunteered for ninety hours of planning, actual making and giving out ham dinners.

December 13, 2012
Ruston Christmas Parade – Three partners participated in the annual Ruston Jaycees Christmas Parade. They volunteered for 12 hours.

December 11, 2012
Canned Food Drive – Partners volunteered for 12 hours during the canned food drive.

November 18, 2012
Turkey Giveaway – For Thanksgiving, Super 1 partners helped distribute turkeys for eight hours.

November 11, 2012
Veterans Day – Store Director Chris Turner cooked and served veterans for three hours.

September 31, 2012
Jam @ the Joe – Super 1 Foods partners worked at the ticket booth and as water boys. They volunteered for 44 hours.

September 30, 2012
Port City Classic – Partners tailgated for 11 hours in the parking lot serving football fans.

September 28, 2012
Job Fair – Partners volunteered to work for three hours to assist the Boys and Girls Club with a Job Fair after graduation for Junior High to help with the dropout rate.

September 16, 2012
ULM – Store Director Christ Turner assisted with the ULM tailgate in Monroe. He cooked and served hamburgers to football fans.

September 8, 2012
Bags of Hope – Partners participated in a school backpack program for Ruston Elementary School.

August 23, 2012
Girls and Boys Club – Super 1 Foods helped sponsor a Back to School Bash for students that were in the summer program of the Boys and Girls Club. They cooked and served over 200 hotdogs.

August 10, 2012
Cedar Creek Football Team – Partners cooked for the Cedar Creek Football Team before the game.

July 13, 2012
Louisiana Tech Football – Partners volunteered their time to cook and serve tailgaters before the game.

June 15, 2012
Lifehouse – Super 1 Foods sponsored a community wide event for Lifehouse. They volunteered eight hours.

May 30, 2012
Oreo Stacking Contest – Super 1 Foods sponsored an Oreo stacking competition to students at A. E. Phillips and Pre-K.

May 25, 2012
Teacher Appreciation Luncheon – Partners volunteered to cook and serve teachers in their appreciation for their work at Pre-K. They volunteered for 25 hours.

April 29, 2012
Sigma Nu Supper – Partners volunteered six hours to help prepare supper for the Sigma Nu mentors/mentees.

April 21, 2012
Senior Citizens – Super 1 Foods volunteers cooked and served 150 senior citizens at Mt. Harmony Baptist Church. They volunteered for 21 hours.

April 10, 2012
Pre-K – Store Director Chris Turner read books to the local Pre-K class.

June 7, 2011
Jam At the Joe – Super 1 Foods partners fed area high school coaches.

May 12, 2011
GSU Baseball Player – Partners provided an appreciation luncheon for the GSU baseball team.

May 4 – 5, 2011
Teacher Appreciation Week – Volunteers from the store cooked hamburgers at Ruston Pre-K and Hico Elementary Schools for Teacher Appreciation Week.

April 15, 2011
Dinner and A Movie – Event was held at Railroad Park and all proceeds benefited the local children in the area. Partners cooked and served to participants.

April 12, 2011
Downtown Delights – All proceeds from benefit were given to the North Louisiana Military Museum and the Dixie Center for the Arts. Partners got to show off their best food. They volunteered over 35 hours for this event.

February 5, 2011
Pack The House Night at LA Tech – Partners grilled in the parking lot for over 300 people and all proceeds were given to St. Jude’s. They volunteered over 27 hours.

October 14, 2010
High School Tailgate Party – Partners cooked and served high school fans as they came to the game.

October 9, 2010
Louisiana Tech Tailgate – Partners cooked and served Louisiana Tech fans as they arrived to the game.

October 8, 2010
High School Tailgate – Partners tailgated at the local high school.

September 29, 2010
Bags of Hope – Partners were joined by local school softball teams to assemble backpacks to give to area school children.

September 20, 2010
Louisiana Tech Tailgate Football Games – Area Super 1 Foods stores tailgated at the Louisiana Tech game. They cooked and served ribs and sausage.

September 18, 2010
Louisiana Tech Tailgate Football Games – Area Super 1 Foods store teamed together to tailgate at the Louisiana Tech home game. They gave over 42 hours of their time to serve ribs, sausage and hamburgers to Louisiana Tech fans before the game.

September 16, 2010
West Monroe Food Show – The Ruston Super 1 Foods teamed with other Brookshire and Super 1 stores at the Food Show.

September 4, 2010
Louisiana Tech Tailgate Event – Many burgers and sausages were cooked and given out to tailgaters at the Louisiana Tech game. Partners donated their time to help cook.

August 30, 2010
Bags of Hope – Partners volunteered to help pack backpacks full of food to students for two area schools.

August 28, 2010
Jam at the Joe Football Games – Over 56 hours were donated for these football games. Partners were waterboys for the game that included 10 teams.

August 22, 2010
Louisiana Tech Football Team – Employees fed the Louisiana Tech football team and their coaches. They volunteered to cook and assist them.

August 20, 2010
Boys and Girls Club – Over 200 hot dogs were donated and cooked for the Boys and Girls Back to School Bash.

May 8, 2010
Cookout for Clean Up day in Simmsboro – Partners cooked and served over 50 people that assisted with clean up day in Simmsboro.

March 20, 2010
Great American Clean Up Day – Super 1 Foods store had a booth at the railroad park to inform people about products we recycle at they store and what products they can bring from home to recycle.

March 19, 2010
Railroad Park Junior Auxiliary Cook Out – Partners donated 20 hours of their time for a fundraiser for a service group. They cooked and served over 400 hamburgers and hotdogs.

January 30, 2010
Russ Town Fundraiser – The store teamed with McCain Farms and feed all the basketball fans at a double header at Louisiana Tech. Partners prepared samples from every department and the fans paid admission to sample the food.

January 29, 2010
RecycLincon Group – This is an ongoing project for the store. They helped raise awareness and provided information to people regarding recycling. They help get area students involved in recycling.

January 29, 2010
Church Shelter – Partners donated their time and food to an area church shelter. They fed 100 people red beans and rice.

November 13, 2009
Kiwanis Pancake Day – Super 1 Foods partners volunteered for Kiwanis Pancake Day.

November 4, 2009
Grambling High School Community Service – Store partners participated in Grambling High School Community Service.

October 30, 2009
Bags of Hope – Super 1 Foods delivered back packs to Ruston Elementary.

October 21, 2009
Bags of Hope – Employees participated in a school back pack program for Ruston Elementary.

September 30, 2009
Louisiana Tech-Hawaii Football Game – Employees served food to fans at the Louisiana Tech-Hawaii football game and beat the other tailgaters to win the “Best Food” award.

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