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prescriptions for 11¢ a day

Prescriptions For 11¢ A Day

Your neighbors are transferring their prescriptions to us — bring in your prescription and let us show you why!

Look what Super 1 Foods has in store for you

Our new generic program offers…

  • Up to a 90-day supply for only $9.99
  • Over hundreds of generic drugs
  • Fast, friendly service
  • A knowledgeable pharmacist to answer questions on the spot

View the current list of over hundreds of generic drugs and details on this program. You can also find a large print version of this list here

Transferring your prescriptions is easy as 1…2…3… how?

  1. Bring us your current bottles. Select the nearest or most convenient Super 1 Foods pharmacy OR
  2. Phone our pharmacy with proper prescription information… OR
  3. While in our store, stop by our pharmacy and talk to our pharmacy personnel

We’ll handle the rest.

You may also view our video for answers to frequently asked questions.

At the Super 1 Foods discount pharmacy, we are committed to giving you more for less. Stop by today where our friendly staff is ready to offer you generic prescriptions for pennies a day! Super 1 Foods offers hundreds of generic prescription drugs and has HUNDREDS OF DISCOUNTS on health and beauty care items! Now is the perfect time to visit the ONE place that will make you look super and feel super for LESS.

11¢ a day for prescriptions and hundreds of discounts on health and beauty care, NOW THAT’S SUPER!

11¢ a day is based on a 90-day supply at $9.99.  A 30-day supply is $3.99; 60-day supply is $6.99.

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