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Western Union services

Western Union ServicesWestern Union Money Transfers
Available at Super 1 locations, Western Union is a convenient way to send money fast. It’s easy, reliable and you have a choice of great options. Use the right money transfer service for you to get money there fast, nationwide and worldwide.

Money In Minutes
When money needs to get there right away*. Use our Money in Minutes service to send cash where you need it to be fast. Money is usually available to the receiver in minutes. You can also use your qualifying debit card with PIN to send cash.

Next Day**
Use this option when you have more flexibility about when the money needs to arrive. Perfect for gifts, your money is generally available to your receiver by 7am the next day.

*Funds availability subject to terms and conditions of service. See the “To Send Money Form” for Restrictions.

**Funds are available for pick up by 7am the next day for transactions sent from a participating Agent location subject to recipient Agent location’s hours of operations, and term and conditions of Service. See the “To Send Money Form” for restrictions.”

Western Union Money Order
An easy and reliable way to make purchases and pay bills. Can be sent as payments, deposited directly into bank accounts or cashed at many check cashers and banks. A reliable payment choice for those who may not have checking accounts. Cash money orders at many check cashers, banks, and retailers. Deposit funds directly into bank accounts. You can buy Western Union Money Order payment instruments at participating Super 1 locations.

Quick Collect®
Bills due today? Don’t be late! Get proof of payment in minutes. To send bill payments to participating billers, visit any participating Super 1 Foods location and look for the blue Quick Collect form!

Convenience Pay
A fast and easy way to send payment for a wide variety of utility bills including electric, gas, cable, phone, water, cellular and more. Billers vary by location. Visit a Super 1 Foods service desk for details.