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wall of values

Wall of Values

Super 1 Foods offers you incredible Super Savings RIGHT WHEN YOU WALK IN OUR DOORS. Our Wall of Values features products that have the hottest prices and best values.

About the Wall of Values

Where is it located?
Our wall of values in most stores is located at the FRONT OF OUR STORE right when you walk through our doors.

What does it look like?
You can’t miss our wall of values. Just look for the green warehouse racking and large pallets of AFFORDABLE, QUALITY products. You will know when you arrive because you won’t be able to pass up these buggy stopping deals!

Why is the product on pallets?
We’re glad you asked. In order to save on operating costs and keep up with the large volume of product being sold, we display the product directly on these pallets when possible. This allows our employees to easily slot additional merchandise in a very efficient process that saves us time. We pass on these lowered operating expenses by giving you a better price on our quality products.

Values your expect!
Honestly, you can’t afford to not shop our Wall of Values. Why? Because we are buying in large truckload quantities and passing these savings DIRECTLY TO YOU, OUR VALUED CUSTOMER. So feed your family and your friends for less by loading up your buggy with these great values.

Shop. Save. Smile!
At Super 1 Foods you can shop, save and smile while enjoying our super low prices every day! So when you just want to feel good and stretch your family’s budget, shop our Wall of Values!

Passing the Wall of Values is like throwing away money!