Booster shots are available
Our immunization-trained pharmacists can administer a wide range of CDC-recommended immunizations and vaccines for children, adults and seniors. Immunizations are an important part of preventative healthcare and many are covered for a $0 copay on Medicare and other insurance plans. Ask your pharmacist which vaccines are recommended for you.
Prepare for your immunization
  • After scheduling your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email that contains a link to the consent form. Print, fill out and bring that form to your appointment. The form will be needed for each shot.
  • Print and fill out the form
  • Bring the completed form and your insurance information with you to the pharmacy

We offer the convenience of getting travel vaccinations right in our pharmacy. Vaccines as follows*:
Flulaval Quad 
Fluarix Quad 
Fluzone HD 
Hepatitis A 
Hepatitis B 
Hep A / Hep B Combo (TwinRix)
Japanese Encephalitis (Ixiaro) 
Meningococcal Vaccine 
Measles, Mumps, Rubella (M-M-R) 
Pneumonia (Prevnar 20) 
Pneumonia (Pneumovax 23) 
Pneumonia (Vaxneuvance)
Tetanus/ Diptheria (Td) 
Tetanus/ Diptheria/Pertussis (Tdap) 
Typhoid (Vivotif - Oral Typhoid) 
Typhoid (Injection) 
Varivax (Chickenpox) 
Yellow Fever 
*Please talk to one of our Pharmacists if you are interested in these vaccines.